Designating your account beneficiaries

It's a good idea to periodically review your beneficiary designation to ensure your assets are distributed upon your death as you intended.

You must complete an MSRS Beneficiary Designation form to name a new beneficiary or change an existing designation you previously made.  MNDCP only: You have the option to change your beneficiary designation online. Log into your account to view your personal information. Go to the Profile page to change your beneficiary.

Three ways to obtain a Beneficiary Designation form:

  1. Download the form
    Pension -  select the appropriate form under "Beneficiary Forms/Spousal Waivers"

  2. Complete the Contact Us form to request that a Beneficiary form be mailed to you

  3. Call the MSRS Service Center at 1-800-657-5757 to request the form.

To learn more about beneficiary designation by plan

  • Pension - Go to Pension Plans on this website. From the drop down menu, select the plan you are covered by (for example, General Plan). Then choose "Beneficiary & Survivor Benefits".

  • MNDCP - See MNDCP Beneficiaries.

  • HCSP - See HCSP Beneficiaries.


  When to expect your January pension payment

Monthly pension/disability benefit payments are made the first business day of each month. The January payment will be deposited into your bank account on Mon, Jan 4. If you receive payment by check, please allow additional time for mailing.

Confirmation letters were mailed to retirees eligible for a 2021 post-retirement increase. Please notify MSRS if you have not received your letter.


  HCSP reimbursement processing time

Due to the high volume of reimbursement requests received by MSRS, processing time is taking longer than normal. We appreciate your patience.


  Tax documents will be mailed by January 31

More information will be available on this website. If you have not received your tax document by February 10, please contact MSRS to request a duplicate statement.