MSRS Board of Directors consists of 11 members. Seven positions are elected to four-year terms by members covered by an MSRS retirement plan.Terms begin the first Monday in May.

Elections are held on even years.

  • In each election year, two positions become vacant for active employees of the General Retirement Plan and Unclassified Retirement Plan.

  • One election year includes a vacancy for an active employee of the State Patrol Plan.

  • The next election year includes vacancies for an active employee of the Correctional Plan and one for a retiree representing all MSRS plans.

To qualify to run for the Board, you must:

  • be an active or retired member of an MSRS retirement plan (you can only run for a Board position representing the plan in which you are covered by).

  • provide ten signatures from other members covered by that same MSRS plan.

  • provide a biographical sketch.

MSRS does not require specific education or experience to sit on its Board.


Announcing Board Elections
Board vacancies are announced on this website and in our newsletter, the Messenger.

MSRS cannot recruit members to run for Board vacancies, so it is up to our members to express interest and apply for a vacant position.