There are two types of fees participants typically pay to participate in the HCSP.

Administrative Fee

Each participant shares in the cost of the services offered by the plan. The annual administrative fee is 0.65% of your account balance. This fee is prorated and deducted monthly from your account balance. The maximum annual fee is $140 per year or $11.67 per month.

Example: If you have a balance of $5,000 at the end of the month, your administrative fee for that month is $2.70 ($5,000 x .054%).

Investment Option Expense

Each investment option charges a management fee. This fee is deducted by each investment option's management company (not by HCSP) before the calculation of the daily price per share or the fund's performance return.

Operating expenses are disclosed on the monthly Investment Performance (pdf) report, shown as "Gross Fund Expenses."